Sell My Clunker To A Junker in South Florida

Selling a clunker to a junker should be an easy and quick process. Most junk car buyers will pick up your vehicle and pay you cash the same day you call them. Depending on the condition of your vehicle, you could get a few hundred dollars for your clunker in South Florida whether it is running or not.

What is a Clunker Junker?

A clunker junker is just a fancy way to say junk car buyer. Clunkers are old, beat up vehicles that no longer run and take up space. The cost to fix a clunker is not worth the investment so it is best to call a junker in South Florida to get rid of the vehicle.

What Can You Do With A Clunker Car?

Depending on the vehicle, some clunkers can be restored back to their original glory. Sometimes classic old cars become clunkers because the current owner hasn’t taken care of the vehicle. Many car enthusiasts love restoring old clunkers like Ford Mustangs, Pontiac Firebirds and Chevy Camaro.

If restoring the clunker is out of the question, you can sell it to a junker or you can donate the junk vehicle to a non-profit. Junkyards are always looking for junkers for their salvage yards. Many pay and pull parts junkyards don’t care what the vehicle looks like or if it even works because there are always car parts that can removed and resold.

Where Can I Sell My Clunker?

Your best option for selling a clunker is a junkyard. A junk car buying specialist like a local junkyard has a high demand for clunkers. Vehicles sold to junkyards are parted out and recycled which makes it one of the best places to sell your vehicle to.