Types of Junkyards in Florida

type junkyards

There are three types of junkyards where consumers can get used car parts to fix and restore their vehicles.  Self-Serve, Full-Service & Online Junkyards Self-serve junkyards are usually the most affordable to get used car parts from; however, you’ll be doing all the work. The most common junkyards in Florida are called pull and pay … Read more

What Makes a Car a Clunker Junker?

what makes clunker junker

In the 1930s, people started using the word “clunker” to describe an old beat-up vehicle. In recent years, 2009 to be exact, the word was used when the United States government created a “cash for clunkers” incentive program which encouraged people to trade in their old cars, truck and SUVs for newer fuel-efficient vehicles.  What … Read more