Who Gives The Best Price For Junk Cars?

Finding a junk car buyer who will give you the best price for your car, truck, SUV or van may require making a few phone calls or filling out online quote forms. Junk car buyers typically offer the same amount however some junk car buyers specialize in buying specific makes and models which can help you get more money from one buyer versus another.

How Can I Get The Most Money For My Junk Car?

There are a few things you can do to get the most money for your junk car in South Florida. The first thing you can do is remove any aftermarket parts such as the stereo, rims/wheels, cosmetic pieces and performance parts to sell on Ebay, Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace. By uninstalling costly parts you added after purchasing your vehicle, you can make some extra money by selling them individually. Aftermarket parts do not increase the price you’ll get from a junk car buyer so it is best to take them off the vehicle.

The next thing you can do to get the most money for your junk vehicle is to call around. Figure out if it is better for you to sell your vehicle privately, trade it in to a dealership or selling it for cash to a junk car buyer. Keep in mind that selling your car on your own may take way longer than you anticipated. If you need to get rid of the vehicle or need cash quickly, call a junker.

How Much is a Car Worth as Scrap?

Not every junk car buyer is the same. Some junkers will only pay you $200 for your vehicle while we pay a minimum of $300. The industry standard is $500 per vehicle as long as the catalytic converter hasn’t been removed. If it has taken off the vehicle, expect to get about $150 for the vehicle regardless of make, model and year. Once the catalytic converter is removed, the value of vehicle is determined by weight for scrap which results in pennies on the dollar so leave the part on your vehicle if you want to make a few hundred bucks.

$500 For Junk Cars

If you see a company advertising they pay a minimum of $500 per vehicle, make them pay you $500 for your vehicle even if they offer less. Companies that promote paying $500 for any car, truck, SUV or van do this as click bait. When you call them, you may get a verbal offer for $500 however when you show up, they pull a bait and switch on you. They’ll tell your vehicle is not worth that much and they will low-ball the offer. If it’s not the $500 they said they would give you, tell them to leave.

Unlike our shady competitors, when we quote $500 for a junk vehicle, that is exactly what we will pay you. We always pay fair market value for used vehicles which starts at $300 per vehicle and goes up from there based on what type of make and model the vehicle is.