How Do I Donate A Car That Doesn’t Run?

There are several non-profit organizations you can donate a vehicle to in the State of Florida. Your car does not need to work in order to donate it although majority of these charity groups are seeking vehicles they can give to people who are in need of a daily driver.

With that said, there are organizations who will take your vehicle even it isn’t doesn’t run any longer. Check to see if you have a automotive school program at local high schools or community college. Donating your vehicle so students can learn how to fix them while in mechanic programs is a great way to dispose of your unwanted car.

Is It Better To Donate or Sell a Junk Car?

Getting rid of a vehicle by donating it or selling it is a personal choice you’ll need to make. The question you need to ask yourself is, do you need cash or are you OK with a tax write-off?

When donating a vehicle, you are not paid for the car, truck or SUV. Instead you given a document that proves you donated the vehicle.  When filing your taxes, you will need to enter the “value of the vehicle”, which could result in you getting more value from the vehicle than selling it.

If you choose to sell your vehicle, you will get instant money however it may be a smaller than expected amount. Most junk car buyers will pay you $300 to $500 for a junk vehicle whereas donating a vehicle could get you a tax credit of $500 or more depending on the original value of the car.

Can I Get A Tax Write Off For Donating My Vehicle?

Yes, you can. Any item you donate can be written off on your taxes including an old vehicle. When filing your taxes, let your tax preparer know you donated a vehicle and provide them with the documentation the non-profit organization provided. Depending on the cars worth, you could easily end up writing off more than $1000.

What Is The Best Organization To Donate A Car To?

Check in your local area to find the best organization to donate your car to. Here are a few organization in Florida that accept vehicle donations: