How Do You Know If Your Transmission Is Slipping?

mechanic working on car transmission

How do you know if your transmission is slipping? Your car’s transmission is a complex piece of machinery that plays the crucial role of transferring power from your engine to the wheels. How do you know if your transmission is slipping? When this system starts to malfunction, you’ll likely notice some telltale signs, one of … Read more

Five Expert Tips for Selling Cars for Scrap

A wrecked car abandoned in the grass, ready to be sold for scrap

Selling cars for scrap? Whether you’re a novice in selling a car for scrap or a seasoned individual aiming to maximize your returns, the following insights are designed to empower you. Selling cars for scrap? By providing valuable information, these tips will enable you to make informed decisions throughout the selling journey, ensuring that you … Read more

Is It Illegal to Drive Without a Catalytic Converter?

a car with smoke coming out of the back

Is it illegal to drive without a catalytic converter? In the complex world of automotive regulations, one question that often arises is whether driving without a catalytic converter is illegal. The catalytic converter, a crucial component of a vehicle’s exhaust system, is pivotal in reducing harmful emissions. Understanding the legal implications of driving without a … Read more

Can You Sell a Car of a Deceased Person? Exploring the Process and Legal Considerations

a toy cars next to a gavel

Can you sell a car of a deceased person? Dealing with a deceased person’s assets and estate can be a burden during an already trying time of mourning. There are specific legal considerations and processes to be aware of if you’re tasked with selling a car that belonged to a deceased person’s estate. To help … Read more

What Are Signs Your Transmission is Going Out?

signs your transmission is going out

The transmission is a vital component of your vehicle that transfers power from the engine to the wheels, allowing you to change gears and control your speed. Over time, wear and tear or other issues can lead to transmission problems.   Recognizing the signs of a failing transmission early on can help prevent further damage … Read more