Sell Commercial Vehicle For Scrap

To sell your commercial vehicle for scrap in South Florida you’ll need to call a junk car buyer and not a recycling center or metal scrapper. Unlike standard vehicles like sedans, coupes and hatchbacks, commercial vehicles are not recycled by most junkyards in Broward or Palm Beach county. Reason being, there isn’t enough demand for recycled commercial vehicle parts at pull and pay salvage yards.

Get Cash For Commercial Junk Vehicles

Just because the local junkyard doesn’t want to buy your commercial truck or van doesn’t mean you can’t sell it for cash. Junk Car Dog buys junk work trucks and vans. We ensure each commercial vehicle we buy is scrapped and recycled. Just give us a call, we’ll give you an instant cash quote over the phone and we can usually pick it up within an hour. When our tow truck driver arrives to pick up your commercial vehicle, you’ll get paid cash for it on the spot.

We Buy Box Trucks

Broken and damaged box trucks can be sold for cash also. You just have to find the right junk car buyer to make an offer. Not all junkers in South Florida will buy a junk box truck however we do. Sell us your old fleet trucks so we can properly dispose of them.

Sell Your Company Truck or Van

When your company vehicle is beat up and old you may not be able to trade it in or get much from a dealership for it so your best option is to sell it to a junk car buyer. Even if your company truck or van has been in an accident or severely damaged, we’ll buy it. We buy commercial vehicles in South Florida for top dollar. Call us today!