Fort Lauderdale Junkyard Shares the Pros and Cons of Selling a Vehicle Privately

Let’s say that your current daily driver is getting up there in age and it’s either beginning to cost you a lot of money in repairs or you just want a better running vehicle. What should you do with it? You can trade it in, sell it or junk it. Ultimately, your best option will depend on the kind of vehicle you own, its condition and age.

Pros and Cons Of Selling Your Car Privately

Now, a junkyard offering cash for cars in Broward County, FL shares the pros and cons of selling your vehicle privately versus making a deal with a car dealership:

Popular Makes and Models Sell

Whether your car runs or not, you’ll get interest in it if it’s a popular model. Sought-after running vehicles with low mileage, extra features and that are well maintained are not hard to sell. Popular non-operational vehicle models are also likely to catch attention. In this case, a private sale may not be too difficult.

Most Cars Can Go In For Trade At Dealerships

Many car dealerships will accept any car regardless of its condition, depending on the trade-in parameters of the establishment. Even if there are dents, chips, dings and rust on the exterior, stained upholstery and ripped auto carpet on the interior, they will take it as-is and likely even tow it if needed. You likely won’t get a whole lot of money for it, but the trade-in process is simple and removes the vehicle from your life. Of course, you should contact individual dealerships to find out what your broken-down car or junk vehicle is worth for trade.

Selling Privately Usually Equals More Money

More than likely, you can sell your car for more money than the amount you’d get trading it in to a dealership. The downside is that most car buyers will critique your vehicle from top to bottom, inside and outside—and with good reason. They will want to know about every scratch and dent, ask why the seats upholstery is so worn, question the age of the tires and want detailed maintenance and accident history reports to review.

Selling Privately Can Take Time

On the other hand, it can take weeks, even months to move a car you are selling privately. This is especially true of less popular cars and junk cars that do not run. You’ll also be expected to be available for test-drives, and then have all the necessary DMV paperwork and inspection certifications ready to go. Additionally, you could be wasting money on advertising your car for sale week after week.

Sell Your Junk Car For Cash In Broward County

One of the easiest ways to get rid of your old, wrecked or non-operational vehicle is to work with a business that gives fast cash for cars in Broward County, FL. This way, you won’t have a junk vehicle sitting on your property and you can steer clear of strangers responding to your classified ad and low dealership offers. Good thing there’s Junk Car Dog—we are your go-to junkyard, and are ready to pick up your junk car today. Give us a call soon for a quote and a tow!