Sell A Junk Car for Cash in Florida Today

Motor vehicles are titled in Florida; therefore, they can be junked. You can accept an offer for instant cash for junk cars in Florida if you feel inclined because of the condition of your motor vehicle or just because you need a source of instant cash for whatever purpose. Selling a junk car for cash helps your pocket and the environment.

Junking your car is super simple.

First, call a Florida salvage yard like Junk Car Dog (our digits are (954) 372-8572) and tell us that you are interested in junking your car.

Junk Car Dog is a licensed dealer/salvage yard, so you are in good hands when you work with us, as everything is legal, and we can even help you sell your scrap car even if you don’t have a DMV certificate/title anymore.

One of our expert junk car removal staff will ask you a few questions about your junk car. First, provide accurate information about the condition of your car, so our staff can provide you with an accurate quote. Once we make an offer, the next step is to schedule a pickup for your junk car.

Junk Car Dog can come to pick up your junk car within the day, or if you’re busy, you must tell us what day or time you need us to come. We understand that you may be busy, so we’ll be sure to work with your schedule. If you don’t want us to come to your home or business, you can also tell us to pick up the junk car at any public place nearby. Junk Car Dog is always upfront about our cash for junk car offers, and there will never be surprise fees or extra charges. Furthermore, we offer a 100% free towing service for junk cars. Finally, you don’t have to bring your junk car to your salvage yard; we’ll always come to get it. Our staff will explain how you can avail of the free junk car removal service and how much you’ll get.


Working with the Best Junkyard in Florida

It is not common practice, but some junkyards will charge you to have your vehicle towed away. As a matter of policy, most car removal services will tow your vehicle free of charge to ensure your satisfaction with the service. Junk Car Dog offers a free towing service, and we can get your vehicle picked up in as little as an hour.

Some auto recycling facilities only accept specific models and don’t care about the vehicle’s state. Given the wide variety of services offered, providing as much detail as possible about your junk car during the initial phone call is essential. Junk Car Dog will purchase your junk vehicle regardless of whether you have the keys, it has been destroyed in a fire, or it has been partially scrapped.

Phrases like “instant cash” or “cash offer” sometimes carry a negative connotation, as they are commonly associated with fast-talking and dishonest sales staff.

Junk Car Dog has been in the auto recycling industry for years. So we’re fully aware of how crucial it is to move quickly while remaining upfront and friendly to all our customers.


How Are Junk Cars Recycled?

Think about this: half a century ago, people had no idea how to recycle automobiles. You either tried to repair or restore a broken-down vehicle, or you just left it on your property. Some of them land in landfills and are never touched again. This might be interesting to pickers or vintage lovers with a massive pocket for restoration, but overall, it wasn’t a good state for the automobile industry and the environment.

Motor vehicles needed plenty of metal, and there was plenty of metal that wasn’t being brought back to the manufacturing process.

Fortunately for everyone today, we have the technology and expertise to dismantle all kinds of motor vehicles. Around eighty percent of each motor vehicle can be reused or recycled, even after they have served its primary, helpful purpose.

Removing the engine and fluids from a car is the first step in recycling it. Consider the wide variety of fluids in a vehicle and the potential harm they could cause if dumped in the wrong place. Oil, gas, brake fluid, coolant, and other substances are all examples of automotive fluids. Vehicles that have been depolluted are better for the environment and can be recycled with less risk.

The second step is to disassemble the car to salvage any usable components. Ordinary car owners are typically unaware that there are numerous recyclable components involved. Nearly every part of a motor vehicle can be reused.

After the recycling facility removes all functional components, the junk car can be compressed to take up less room before shredding.

The shredded remnants are small enough to be held in one’s hand. Shredding cars into steel and aluminum bits makes it possible for the facility to resell the material to car manufacturers and other interested parties. Nearly ninety percent of modern steel produced in the US is recovered from metal recycling facilities, with the help of Florida salvage yards and other licensed dealers from other states.

All the recovered metals are combined with strengthening the final product. Automobile manufacturers then use the alloyed metal to cast new vehicle frames.

Shredded metals are sorted must now be sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Auto-shredder residue or auto fluff comprises about 20% of a junked vehicle’s total weight, are sent to landfills.

The metal recycling industry continues developing more efficient methods for separating auto-shredder residue. These innovations help reduce all sorts of waste products annually.

Sending sorted scrap metals to automobile manufacturers is the final step. The discarded metal is used to produce frames, which are used to deliver brand-new vehicles to dealerships. Using scrap metals is cheaper for car manufacturers than raw materials, so this method helps them save money.

Vehicle recycling benefits our ecology because hazardous components can be disposed of properly. As previously stated, recycling junk cars also helps reduce emissions. However, the process is not simple and requires specialized equipment and a considerable staff with expert training.