How To Sell a Deceased Family Member’s Car In Florida

First and foremost, please accept our condolences on your loss. We know this can be a difficult time for family members who have recently lost a loved one.

Dealing with the aftermath of death and having to sell the personal items that once belonged to your family member is something many people have to go through. Selling the deceased person’s vehicle is usually one of the first things that are done because it is either in despair or there is no where to store the vehicle which leaves only one choice, you’ll need to sell it.

Can You Sell a Deceased Person’s Car

Yes, you can sell a deceased person’s car, truck, SUV or van. In most states, including Florida, you’ll need to have the vehicle’s title and a copy of the deceased person’s death certificate to sell it privately or trade it in to a dealership. If you decide you want to sell your vehicle for cash to a junk car buyer, you can sell the vehicle without a title however you will need to provide the registration along with a copy of the death certificate so the junk car remover can verify the original owner’s information before salvaging it.

Can I Transfer The Vehicle’s Title Due To Death?

Yes, you can transfer a vehicle title to your name after a death. If the vehicle is in good condition and you want to register it in your name, you’ll need to take a copy of the vehicle’s registration, title and death certificate to the DMV or Clerk of Courts office where the proper paperwork can be submitted to officially transfer ownership over to you.

Selling a Deceased Person’s Car

While the emotional burden can make this situation difficult to deal with, we assure you that the tow truck driver’s at Junk Car Dog will quickly and easily assist in removing the vehicle. We’ll pay you on the spot and we’ll file the necessary salvage paperwork with the state on your behalf so you don’t have do anything additional. Just give us a call and make arrangements to sell your recently passed away loved ones vehicle.