Where Can I Go To Junk My Car

If you have never had to get rid of a vehicle before you have a few options on places where you can go to junk your car. In South Florida, the most common ways to dispose of an unwanted car, truck or SUV consist of selling it privately to a person or mechanic who will part out the vehicle to fix another, calling a local junk car buyer or contacting a pay and pull junkyard that needs inventory.

Will a Junkyard Buy My Car?

Some junkyards will buy a car from a private seller however most junkyards prefer to get their vehicles from automotive auctions or from local junk car buyers they have agreements with. Most junkyards in Broward County focus on selling parts rather than recycling vehicles which means their salvage yards are filled with cars taking up storage space. Pay and pull yards have the same issue, they can only hold so many vehicles on their property before they run out of space. This is why junkyards prefer to pick and choose the vehicles they want to buy whereas a junk car buyer will buy any vehicle in any condition.

Get Cash For Junk Cars

You really don’t need to physically go anywhere to junk your car because most junkyards and junk car buyers will provide free tow service to pick up a vehicle. This is standard practice for junk car removal companies who buy junk cars, trucks and SUVs for cash. When you call to get a cash quote for your junk car and you accept the offer, arrangements for vehicle tow will be made on the spot. Our junk car removal company is known for picking up vehicles within an hour or you can schedule a day and time for pick up.

Junk Car Removal Company

Hiring a junk car removal company to get rid of your vehicle is much easier than you having to drive or pay for a tow truck to transport the car to a junkyard who may not even want to purchase the vehicle. Save yourself time and headache by hiring a professional junk car buyer like Junk Car Dog to buy your vehicle.