What Makes a Car a Clunker Junker?

In the 1930s, people started using the word “clunker” to describe an old beat-up vehicle. In recent years, 2009 to be exact, the word was used when the United States government created a “cash for clunkers” incentive program which encouraged people to trade in their old cars, truck and SUVs for newer fuel-efficient vehicles. 

What Is a Clunker Car?

A clunker junker or clunker car is simply a vehicle that has seen better days. A more current word to use to describe a clunker is the term junk car. Clunkers are old, rusty, worn-down vehicles that are no longer running or have been sitting around collecting dust. Some people even call older vehicles that are still driveable clunkers because they may not perform like their used to.

What Can I Do With a Clunker?

You have three options on what you can do with your clunker. Your first choice is to rebuild it and bring it back to its original glory. If you loved the car once, you can fall in love all over again as long as you can afford to refurbish the vehicle from a clunker.

If rebuilding it isn’t your thing, you can sell it to a junkyard where it’ll find its final resting place. Most junk car buyers will pay you cash the same day for your vehicle and provide free tow removal.

The third option is to sell it to a car enthusiast looking for a project car. Just because you consider it a clunker, that doesn’t mean someone else does. Certain vintage vehicles like an older Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro or a Nissan 300ZX. 

How Much I Sell My Clunker For?

The final selling price will be determined when you decide who you are selling the vehicle to. If you are choosing to sell your car, truck or SUV through a private sale, you should use websites like Kelly Blue Book or eBay to figure out what you should list the vehicle for. These websites will give you an estimate of how much you should be able to sell the vehicle.  

You can also call a junk car buyer who will typically pay you $200 to $500 on average for a clunker junker.