What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your Junk Car

So, it’s finally come time to say goodbye to that car that’s served you well over the years. Maybe the cost of repairs just isn’t worth it anymore, or maybe it simply stopped running. The good news is that selling your junk car is a relatively easy process. Call up a junkyard, make a deal, have them pick up your vehicle and collect some money!

However, there are a few things you should think about before you get started. You want to make sure you get the best deal and handle things in accordance with the law. If you’re looking for cash for cars in Pompano Beach, FL, you’ll have to take a few steps before pulling the trigger:

Prove ownership of vehicle

It’s absolutely essential to have the car’s title in your possession at the time of sale. That’s because junkyards don’t want to be handling stolen vehicles! Without the title, you can’t legally sell the car. If you don’t have the title in your possession, you’re not going to get a deal with a reputable auto wrecker. Conversely, if the junk car buyer doesn’t ask for proof of ownership, something fishy is going on.

Do your research

How much is the car valued at? Now, of course, if you’re considering salvaging the car for parts, it’s probably not going to fetch top dollar. The car’s best days are certainly behind it. But this process will give you a starting point to negotiate from.

Arrange transport

Some junkyards will make things easy for you and tow your car free of charge. Others might try to sneak in a fee for the car to be towed. Still others might ask that you arrange transport separately. Straighten this out before you agree to anything.

Shop around for the best deal

When you bought the car, you probably compared prices at different dealerships. You should do the same thing when selling the vehicle. Call around to different junkyards and compare prices. You’ll also want to see if the auto wrecker pays for transporting your vehicle.

There are many companies offering cash for cars in Pompano Beach, FL and the surrounding areas. Some of these companies are reputable, while others… well, not so much. You want to make sure you get a transparent deal that returns top dollar for your vehicle. Remember that car parts often sell for good money on the market.

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