Sell My Junk Car Instant Quote

Selling your junk car is easy when you can get an instant quote from a local junk car buyer. When you call a vehicle removal company like Junk Car Dog, we’ll give you an instant quote for your car, truck, SUV or van. You can also submit your vehicle information online to get a fast quote.

Sell Your Junk Car For Cash

Forget waiting for a check when you can get cash for your used vehicle same-day. You’ll find several junk car buyers in Florida however finding the right one may take a few tries to get a cash quote you are willing to accept. When our company makes an offer, we keep our word. The cash amount quoted is the amount we pay.

After you speak with the car buyer, ask them to send the quoted offer in writing. It can be through text message or email. This is to ensure you get the amount that you were quoted. While Junk Car Dog always honors the amount we quote, we have heard nightmare stories about our competitors who will pull a bait and switch when show up, only offering a fraction of the original amount. If this happens to you, ask them to leave and call us.

Get An Instant Online Quote For Your Junk Car

When requesting an instant quote for your vehicle you’ll need to provide the car buyer with some basic information. The car buyer will ask for the year, make and model. You’ll also be asked about the condition of the vehicle and whether it is running or not. Regardless of the condition, you’ll get top dollar for your vehicle based on the current market value.

Sell My Junk Car Online

While it is tempting to sell your car online, you are better off selling it in person to a local car buyer. By doing so, you’ll more than likely end up with more cash in your pocket than you would selling your junk car online. You can speak directly with the car buyer directly which can result in a higher payout than using online car buying companies.