Sell Your Car To Junkyard With No Title

There is no need to stress out if you want to sell your car without a printed title. While it does add some additional steps to the vehicle sales process, having no vehicle title won’t stop you from selling it to a junkyard. Licensed and insured car buyers like Junk Car Dog make it easy for people to sell their vehicle even if they don’t have a copy of the title. You’ll just have to provide a copy of your ID or the person’s ID whose name is on the registration and title. This will allow the buyer to verify the information matches DMV records so they can pay you cash for your junk car, truck or SUV.

Cash For Junk Cars Without Title

When you call to get a cash quote for selling your vehicle, you’ll need to mention that you do not have the title. Junkyards and junk car buyers can verify ownership the same day and purchase junk vehicles for cash without a title. You want to be upfront with them so you don’t waste your time or theirs. The worst-case scenario is you’ll be told no however most junkyards will refer you to a local junk car buyer who does purchase no title vehicles.

Junk Car Removal Without Title

Junk car removal companies are known to purchase vehicles without a title and to dispose of them properly however there are also car buyers out there who are not licensed and insured. After you sell your vehicle to a junkyard to get rid of it, you’ll want to wait about a week before you check DMV records to confirm the title has been transferred out of your name.

No Title Junk Car Buyers Near Me

Some junkyards near you may not want to purchase any no-title vehicles due to the additional paperwork they would need to file to legally salvage the vehicle. This is why you should sell your no title vehicle to a junk car buyer who can quickly verify ownership. Junk Car Dog tow truck drivers work together with dispatch to confirm who owns the vehicle and if any additional proof of ownership is required.  If so, we’ll assist in any way we can so you can sell your junk car on the spot.