Can I Sell My Junk Car Without a Title in Broward County?

You don’t have the title for your car, but you’re ready to scrap it. Is this possible? You have no reason to hang on to your vehicle, so you’d really like to sell your junk car in Broward County.

In many situations, you must have your title to sell your car. There are certain regulations in place in Florida that require vehicle owners to jump through hoops to transfer ownership of the car. However, there is one exception. Here’s the scoop.

Selling A Vehicle Without A Title On Your Own

If you want to advertise and sell your car, you must have the title. If you want to trade it in when you buy a new car, you have to have the title. When you sell the car, you must file a Notice of Sale, which removes your name from the title and eliminates any liability you have for the vehicle.

Additionally, you must follow a precise checklist for selling your car to adhere to all sales laws:

Temporary/replacement title:
If you don’t have the title, you must apply for a duplicate title with the motor vehicle center. All forms and processes must be complete before you can transfer the title to another owner.

VIN inspection:
If the vehicle is not titled in Florida, you must complete this step. It requires verification through a motor vehicle dealer, a notary public, law enforcement or a FLHSMV compliance examiner.

Odometer reading:
Before you transfer the title to another owner, you must record the odometer reading on the title.

Title transfer:
To transfer the title, you must go to a motor vehicle service center and complete the necessary paperwork.

License plate:
When you sell the vehicle, you must remove the license plate. If you are moving to another state or cancel the insurance on the car, you must surrender the plate to a motor vehicle service center.

File Notice of Sale:
To complete your transaction and protect your future liability, you must file a Notice of Sale.

Best Way To Sell A No Title Vehicle

Does this sound like a lot of work? It can be, especially if you don’t have the title at the start of the process. Fortunately, Junk Car Dog can make things much easier. Rather than sell your car to someone else, simply sell your junk car in Broward County to us. We can buy cars without a title.

We specialize in buying junk cars, and we offer cash on the spot for your vehicle. Whether it’s totaled or needs more repairs than it’s worth, we can help. Simply call us to pick up your vehicle for free, and we’ll give you up to $350 for your vehicle. There’s no hoops or piles of paperwork to face. It doesn’t get any easier!

Sell Your Car Fast Without a Title

If you’ve misplaced your title but need to unload your junk car, contact Junk Car Dog today.  You can quickly sell your junk car in Broward County without stress or hassle. We offer same-day service, so you can have your cash in hand the same day if needed!