Questions to Ask When Selling Junk Cars in Fort Lauderdale

If you have a vehicle that doesn’t run, is banged up beyond repair or that’s so old it’s not likely to find another buyer, then it may be time to sell it to a junk yard. Below are a few good questions to ask yourself when selling junk cars in Fort Lauderdale.

Is there a fee for towing?

Right off the bat, everyone thinking about selling a junk vehicle needs to know that towing services should always be free. That’s no charge, no matter the condition of the junk vehicle. If the junk yard wants your car, truck, SUV or van, then they’ll come get it, even if their business is far from your location. So, say a big “no thank you” to a junk car company that charges any dollar amount for towing, especially if they also offer to pay you peanuts for your junk vehicle.

What is their response time like?

Some junk car companies place ads through their local newspaper, radio or television stations stating they are available 24/7 to take your call and provide a quote in a few short minutes. Unfortunately, some junk car companies give potential customers the runaround when it comes to decent service. They should not place you on hold for more than a few minutes, nor ultimately inform you that it’ll be a couple weeks before they can come tow away your junk car. An experienced, well-organized company will have an effective system in place to expedite this process.

Are they offering a good price?

Even though you’re selling a junk car, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a good price. Some junk car buyers will offer you a price so low that it makes your head spin. Lowballing is a big red flag. For this reason, consider taking the time to get comparable quotes from a few junk yards first. This way you can compare prices and know whether an offer is fair or not.

Do they offer cash payment?

Before you even consider selling your junk vehicle to a company, make sure they pay their customers in cash. Never accept a check or other incentives, like gift cards or the promise of an “IOU.” If a company says they don’t pay in cash, treat this as a bad sign and move on to another junk yard.

What’s their reputation as a company?

A junk yard that has only been in business a short time may be great at what they do, but years of experience and good ratings do point to a successful company. For the most part, a reputable company will be sizable, and might even have multiple locations and work in a big service area. Their website likely looks professional, with positive reviews prominently displayed. If this doesn’t describe the junk yard you’re thinking about selling to, move on.

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