Don’t Get Scammed! Five Tips to Follow When Junking Your Old Car

Like many other vehicle owners, you might be asking yourself, “Should I sell my junk vehicle in Fort Lauderdale?” It’s an old car, and repairs are getting to be more frequent and more costly. If the expense of maintaining your car outweighs its value, selling to a junk yard may be the way to go. But don’t get scammed! Here are five tips to follow when junking your old car to ensure you’re getting the best deal:

  • Make sure the business has a license: Right away, you need to make sure that the company you’re doing business with is a licensed salvage yard. Selling to a licensed business is the better option for several reasons. For starters, there’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing your vehicle won’t contribute to the destruction of the environment. Also, this eliminates the middle man (like a towing company), so you walk away with more cash in your pocket. The last reason is that licensed junk yards follow the legal process for purchasing and title transfer and will fill out the proper paperwork.
  • Get several quotes: When you sell your junk vehicle to a junk yard in Fort Lauderdale, what can you do to get the most money? The simplest way to be sure you’re getting market value for your junk car is to get multiple quotes. Contact licensed local junk yards and get quotes directly—ask if they offer free towing and how long it will be before they can pick it up. Other factors to consider are reviews from past customers and the company’s reputation.
  • Ask for payment upfront: A good, reputable junk yard company will offer a reasonable cash payment upfront without your needing to ask for or demand it. Never sign over your vehicle title or hand over the keys without having payment in hand. A proven scam is when a company promises to pay by mail or direct deposit at a later date, but the money never comes. If a price is agreed upon, deal with the transaction then and there and make sure they are paying you the amount they quoted. Should the quote amount suddenly lower at the time of pickup, you have the right to refuse.
  • Sell to a junk yard, not a towing company: You can walk away with more cash in your pockets when you sell directly to the junk yard and skip the services of a towing company. This move eliminates the middleman, which is good for you because you’ll avoid a fee to tow the vehicle away and a finder’s fee for matching you with and selling to a salvage yard.
  • Avoid selling to an internet referral company: You are more likely to get more money for your junk car by selling to a brick and mortar junk yard instead of an internet referral company. There will likely also be a towing fee if you work with an online firm.

“Should I sell my junk vehicle in Fort Lauderdale?” If you want to sell to a reputable company, absolutely! For information about junking your old car for cash and free towing services, pick up the phone and call the team at Junk Car Dog!