Four Things You Should Do Before You Call for Junk Car Removal in Broward County

You’re ready to say goodbye to your vehicle. It’s seen better days, and it’s time to retire the car and move on to new wheels. Before you call for junk car removal in Broward County, be sure to take the following steps. These tips will help save you money and hassle in the long run.

Depersonalize It

Do you know what’s inside your car? Have you looked into the depths of the glove compartment lately? What about the trunk? You might be surprised at the gems you’ll discover tucked in the nooks and crannies of your vehicle.

Complete a thorough scavenging of your car before you make arrangements for junk car removal in Broward County. You could discover the gloves you thought you lost, or valuable tools that you meant to keep. It’s also important to remove any personal paperwork that is in the car, to protect your privacy and liability. Old insurance forms or other items with your confidential information should be removed from the vehicle before handing the car over for junk car removal in Broward County.

De-Value It

Is there anything of value left in your car? Before you make arrangements to scrap your car, consider what you might be able to sell separately to increase your profit. Are the tires in good shape? Swap them out for bald tires and sell the nice ones. Does your vehicle have a decent stereo system or other electronic equipment? These could fetch a nice sale price on their own. Recyclers may also pay you for your battery. Be sure to squeeze every drop you can from your car parts before you call for junk car removal in Broward County.

De-Plate It

Don’t forget to remove your license plates before you junk your car. This might be hard to remember if your car is disabled and parked at an unusual location. You may also make arrangements quickly for your car’s pickup. Just be sure to stop by your vehicle and grab those plates first. You may be required to return them to the department of motor vehicles, or you may need them for your next vehicle.

De-Fuel It

Is the car still in driving condition? Does it have a full tank of gas? This fuel may have cost you upwards of $50. Why waste it? Use up as much gasoline as you can before you release it for junk car removal in Broward County. Run your errands with this vehicle to take advantage of the full tank. If you decide to siphon the gas for another vehicle, be sure to use appropriate containers to store the fuel.

Ready to Make Some Money?

Once you’ve pulled everything you can from your car for value, sale or future use, you’re ready to call for junk car removal in Broward County. Contact the professionals at Junk Car Dog for a quick and easy pickup that gets you fast money. We offer cash on the spot, and we specialize in same-day service. Call us today!