How to Get the Most $$$ When You Sell Your Junk Car

We all know that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The same goes for cars—if done properly, you can fetch a decent price when you sell your junk car in Broward County, FL. Tons of junk vehicle buyers are waiting for you to call them so they can give you cash for your car, truck or SUV.

Cash Money For Your Junk Car

How is this possible that you can get money for your junk car? Simple. There are junk car buyers throughout the State of Florida,, ready to purchase your vehicle.

Use the following tips to get the most money for your clunker. You might be surprised at how much you can put in your pocket!

Educate Yourself

Before you try to sell junk cars in Broward County, FL, look up their value. Use Kelley Blue Book to determine the current value of your car. If the car needs repairs, you can subtract these from the price to determine its true value. With this figure in mind, you can discern whether any offers you receive are fair market value. If someone is trying to rip you off, look elsewhere for a better deal.

Put it in Writing

If you reach an agreement to sell your junk car in Broward County, FL, put everything in writing. Even if you are selling the car to someone you know, this step is necessary. Include the price that the buyer will pay for the car, all current information about the car and its condition, what you are including for that price and who is responsible for licensing, registration and any other potential expenses that arise, such as repairs. You’ll end up with less money if things aren’t clarified and you get stuck with bills for which you weren’t prepared.

Disassemble It

Rather than sell your car as a whole, you might make more money when you sell your junk car in Broward County, FL as parts. Repair shops may be in need of the parts on your car, or individuals might be searching for the right part for their DIY restoration. Figure out the value of the individual parts of your car and go this route if the number is higher than the sale as a whole.

Scrap It

If your vehicle is not working, another option might be to sell it for scrap metal. You’ll make money based on the weight of the metal in the car. Older cars often fetch a better scrap price because they are made of steel rather than aluminum, and steel sells for more.

Junk It

Rather than sell your car to an individual or try to sell it for parts or scrap, you can take it to a junkyard. A junkyard may pay you for your vehicle based on the parts they can strip from it. They may also be willing to pick up the car, which can save you money on towing costs when you sell junk cars in Broward County, FL.

Find a Deal

If you need to sell junk cars in Broward County, FL, contact the team at Junk Car Dog. Whether your car is totaled or needs more repairs than it’s worth, Junk Car Dog can help. Once you call in and schedule an appointment, our technicians will drive out to your location and pick up the vehicle for free. You’ll then receive the most money for your vehicle. Junk Car Dog specializes in same-day service, so you can have your cash in hand right away!