Why Do I Need a Title To Sell A Junk Car?

It’s important to have a copy of your title available when you are selling a junk car. The title is the official record that states you are the legal owner of the vehicle and it’s a document that is required to officially transfer ownership even if the car, truck or SUV you are selling will be salvaged.

When you print the date of the sale and sign your name on the title under the seller’s information, the buyer can now transfer the title legally to their name, another person or they can file the necessary paperwork to salvage it which means it can no longer be registered as-is and will require a rebuilt/restored vehicle title is filed in Florida.

Will a Junkyard Buy My Car Without a Title?

If you absolutely can’t get a copy of the title, you will find some junk car buyers and junkyards that are willing to buy your vehicle. You’ll need to follow up with the DMV after a few weeks of selling your titleless vehicle to ensure you’re off the hook for owning the vehicle. If your name is still on the title, immediately contact the junkyard to request a title transfer so you’re name is no longer associated with the vehicle.

Can You Junk A Titleless Vehicle?

Yes, you can however by not having a copy of your vehicle’s title available, you could be putting yourself at risk by not having the proper paper trail needed to remove your name as the owner of the vehicle you sold. The junkyard buying your car will verify you actually own it. This process can take a while and is one of the other reasons why it’s much easier to sell a junk car with a title rather than without.

Cash For Cars Without Titles

You can still get paid same-day for your junk car if you don’t have a title. When calling local junk car buyers, make sure you tell them that you don’t have a copy of the title. Most will ask you if you have a copy of the vehicle’s registration which they can use to help verify that you are the true owner of the car. You’ll also need to have your driver’s license so the junk car buyer has ID to confirm your identity.