Where Can I Sell My Catalytic Converter For The Most Money?

Selling the catalytic converter off your vehicle can fetch a good amount of cash if you are able to find the right buyer. In Florida, there are a few recycling centers that accept catalytic converters direct from consumers who will pay you cash for the part. While you can make some quick money selling the part, you’ll be left with the remainder of the car that also needs to be disposed at some point if you are not planning to part it out and sell it for scrap yourself.

Can I Get Money For My Old Catalytic Converter?

Yes, you absolutely can get paid for selling your old catalytic converter. If you are selling to a scrap yard or a recycling center, the first thing they should do when providing a quote to purchase the catalytic converter is to ask for the serial number. Depending on the specific one you have, the price could easily fluctuate a few hundred dollars. If you are offered a quick flat-rate cash quote, you may end up getting less than you should for the part.

Should I Remove The Catalytic Converter From My Vehicle To Sell It?

Unless you are a trained mechanic, you should refrain from removing the catalytic converter from your car for the sole purpose of selling it. Instead, just call a junk car buyer and sell them the entire vehicle. In the end, you’ll not only make some extra cash but your vehicle will be properly disposed of.

Who Buys Catalytic Converters In South Florida?

For the average person, your best choice for selling your catalytic converter would be a junk car removal service like Junk Car Dog. We pick up the vehicle, tow it away for free and pay you cash same-day.

If you have already removed the catalytic converter, you can sell it to a company like PMR Catalytic Converter Recycling, H. O. C. C. Inc Scrap Metal or Americatz Catalytic Converter Recycling.