What’s the Process for Junking Out My Old Ride?

There’s a process for selling old junk cars to junkyards. While rules vary from state to state, many are relatively the same across the board. Here’s what you need to do when junking out your old vehicle:

  1. Clear out your personal belongings: Everyone leaves things in their cars, whether out of habit or for the convenience of having a certain item within reach when it’s needed. Before selling your old car to a junkyard, be sure to go through the vehicle—in the trunk, glove box, center console, under the seats and in hidden compartments—and clear out all your personal belongings. The most common items left in vehicles are important documents like car registrations and insurance cards, jewelry, phone chargers, headphones, CDs, clothing items and money.
  2. Remove valuable parts: Your car may not run at all, but that doesn’t mean all of its parts are worthless. Parts that still work or certain components in good condition can fetch some extra dollars when taken out and sold separately. Look closely at car batteries, wheels, alternators, stereo equipment and other high-value parts that can be sold to private buyers with a similar vehicle. If there’s a substantial amount of fuel in the gas tank, safely siphon it out to use in another car or store it in a gas can for later.
  3. Gather all paperwork: Some junkyards require documents showing proof of ownership ahead of junk car buying in Fort Lauderdale. Your car title allows you to transfer ownership and all responsibility of the junk car to the dealer. If you can’t find your title, you can get a replacement document from your state’s department of motor vehicles. However, the rules vary from state to state—for example, in Florida, you can sell your clunker to Junk Car Dog without a title. Call us to learn more about how this works!
  4. Find the best junkyard deal: Understandably, you want to get rid of your old junk vehicle quickly. The thing to remember is that different junk car dealers will offer different amounts of cash. As such, it’s worth it to shop around before choosing a buyer to work with. Jot down some notes on the car’s value, condition and other information, and put on your negotiating hat!
  5. Sell to a licensed buyer: Ensure that the dealer you select is licensed, and that their license is active. They should be a reputable and honest business as well. In most cases, a serious dealer will offer free towing and not hit you with random fees after your car is already in the junkyard.
  6. Take the car off your insurance: Once the car is no longer in your possession, all the proper paperwork filled out and given to the dealer and submitted to the DMV, be sure to take your junker off your insurance policy. Save yourself from paying monthly insurance rates on a car you no longer own.

Junk Car Dog is the best in the junk car buying business in Fort Lauderdale. Call us any time to learn more about us!