Common Junk Car Buyer Scams to Watch Out For

After years of faithful service getting you wherever you need to go, the worst has happened: your beloved chariot is no longer of any use to you. Maybe you got into an accident, and the car or truck is totaled. Maybe your vehicle broke down, and the cost to repair it is more than the car is worth. Either way, it’s time to call local junk car buyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

However, before someone comes to offer you cash for your car, you should be aware that not all junk car buyers are created equal. Some will work their hardest to ensure that you aren’t getting fair market value for your vehicle. Here are some of the most common scams junk car buyers will use.

Yes, your car does have value

One of the most common scams that you’ll run across is a car buyer who gets to your home, looks at your car and then claims that it’s worth nothing. Then, they’ll “reluctantly” offer to do you a solid and tow the vehicle away for free. Another way they’ll pull this scam is to haul your vehicle off and then—once it’s in their yard—tell you the auto is worthless.

In both of these cases, the car buyer is hoping that you’ll be so eager to get rid of your junk car that you’ll just be grateful the vehicle is gone and not ask too many questions.

Get cash in hand

Another common scam used by local junk car buyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL is the claim that they’ll send you a check in the mail once the car has been scrapped and valued. This is a big-time red flag. After all, once the vehicle has been disposed of, who’s to say where the vehicle went in the first place?

Do the paperwork

Before you can legally sell your vehicle to a local junk car buyer, you’ll need to make sure you’ve transferred the vehicle’s title to the company. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve canceled the registration. Some companies will offer to take care of this paperwork for you, but that’s not advisable.

In some instances, companies have hauled off a vehicle with promises that they’ll do the paperwork and send the money in the mail. Then, the client in question ends up getting bills for the cost of keeping their vehicle on the company’s site.

Trust the team with experience

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