What To Do With A Car You Can’t Sell

Some cars just can’t be sold through private sale or to a dealership because of extensive damage or the vehicle is just a complete pile of junk but this doesn’t mean you can’t sell it. There are many scrapers and scrapyards who will purchase a vehicle that is considered unsellable. It doesn’t matter what shape or condition it is in.

Best Ways To Sell A Car That No Longer Runs

When it costs more money to repair a vehicle than is it worth, is one of the main reasons people want to get rid of their vehicles.

There are typically 3 things you can do with a vehicle that no longer runs:

  • Recycle the vehicle. Ask a local junkyard if they will pick dispose of it for you.
  • Call a junk car buyer to remove the vehicle. They will even pay you for it.
  • Donate it to charity. You’ll be able to deduct it from your taxes.

Can I Sell A Vehicle That Has Major Body Damage?

Absolutely. Your vehicle still has value in it even if it no longer resembles what it used to look like. You can sell it to a metal scrapper or a junk car buyer for cash. If you call a metal scrapper, you will more than likely need to make your own arrangements to have the vehicle towed to the scrap yard. Junk car buyers will come and pick up the vehicle at no-cost and pay you on the spot. They’ll load it up and will take it away same day.

Can I Sell A Vehicle Without an Engine?

You sure can. An engine doesn’t need to be in place to sell a car. While having an engine will increase the cash amount you receive, it doesn’t prevent you from selling your car, truck, SUV or van. Vehicles that have a good exterior are usually parted out by junkyards.

Dispose of Your Vehicle for FREE in Florida

Disposing your vehicle that is no longer running shouldn’t cost a dime. Instead, YOU should get paid. Calling a junk car buyer like Junk Car Dog is the easiest way to get rid of a vehicle. We’ll ask a few simple questions about the vehicle like year, make, model and condition and we’ll give you a cash offer on the spot, without even seeing the vehicle. It makes it easy for you to dispose of your vehicle in Florida.