Steps to Take Before Selling Your Wrecked Vehicle

You’ve likely heard you can sell your wrecked vehicle for cash. That sounds great, but how does this process work? You might be unsure where to start, or you may wonder how to get the best deal. Then, once you find a buyer, you’re not sure how to proceed. If you want to get cash for junk cars in Sunrise, FL, follow these steps to get the most cash into your purse.

Personal Belongings

Before the tow truck comes to take your car to the scrap yard, remove all personal belongings. This is important for several reasons. First, when you get cash for junk cars in Sunrise, FL, the scrap yard is not responsible for your garbage. You cannot use this as an opportunity to get rid of things you no longer want (except the car itself).

Second, you may leave something in the car you forgot was there. Do a thorough search of your vehicle to remove all personal items. Check CD players for discs. Look under floormats and beneath seats. Lastly, this search will ensure no personal information is left behind. Old insurance cards or other paperwork contain sensitive information that should not be passed through other hands as the car moves to its final scrapping location.

Use Up the Gas

The junk yard will have to drain all the fluids from the vehicle before scrapping it for parts anyway. Since gasoline can be costly, you may as well get good use out of it. Consider driving the car for a few last errands if it’s still operational. Or, siphon the remaining gasoline into an appropriate storage tank to use for another vehicle.

Remove the Plates

It’s important to remove your license plates before turning your car over to the junkyard. If the car is disabled at a location other than your home, this detail is easy to overlook. You may be in a hurry to get rid of the car, or you may have to make arrangements for others to help dispose of the vehicle. As you work through these details, be sure to get your plates off before the car is towed away. You might not be able to cancel your insurance policy or your registration without turning in your plates.

Sell Valuables

If you are trying to get cash for junk cars in Sunrise, FL, don’t include items that won’t increase the price you are paid. Determine how much you can get for the car, then look for items you can remove to sell separately that won’t affect the scrap value. You may be able to remove the radio system and sell it. Consider switching out newer tires for bald ones. Look for anything that will fetch a few extra dollars if sold before you scrap the car.

Exit Properly

Before you sell your car for scrap, you must get your title in order. If a junkyard doesn’t care if you have a title in hand, this is a red flag. You must have a title to transfer ownership of the car to the junkyard. Without this proper title transfer, you still technically own the vehicle after it changes hands. This means you are still responsible for any liability issues. If you don’t have the title to your car, check with your local DMV to determine what regulations are in place to handle your situation.

Get the Best Value

When you’re ready to get cash for junk cars in Sunrise, FL, contact Junk Car Dog. We’ll make your sale simple and smooth and ensure you get the best price for your vehicle.