Proven Tips for Getting the Most Cash for Your Junk Car

Everyone who owns a car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicle will at some point get tired of spending money on repairs. The thing about car trouble is that while failing engines, finicky belts and misalignments tend to plague older vehicles, these problems can really happen to any car, at any time, no matter how old it is. Auto repairs can be a drain on your wallet, so when is it better to just junk your vehicle rather than take it in for repeat repairs?

Let’s say you decide to get rid of your problem car. If it’s a junker, the good news is you can get some cash for it by selling to a junkyard. This is your best bet and the safest option for ridding yourself of a car that’s become too dangerous to drive. While it may no longer be street worthy, junk yard buyers will pull usable and sellable parts to help other vehicles run again—or at least take it for the valuable scrap metal.

Ready to part with a junk car? Prepare ahead of time and the process will go smoothly. Below are proven tips for getting the most cash when you want to sell junk cars in Fort Lauderdale.

Have the title on hand

You are obligated to provide proof of ownership in the form of your vehicle title before selling your car to anyone, even if that someone is a junkyard. Yes, sending your junk car to its final resting place still requires paperwork! Any legitimate junk vehicle buyer will ask for proof of ownership. Make sure to locate the title and bring it with you so that the sale process can go off without a hitch.

Evaluate the condition of the vehicle

It’s important to know what’s wrong with your vehicle. This is going to be one of the first things the junkyard will ask, so make a checklist ahead of time. For instance, understanding what parts of your vehicle need repairs and which are still working well puts you in a better position to negotiate for the cash you can get. An excellent idea is to contact different junk car buyers for cash estimates and compare their offers.

Research the car’s value

Head to the Kelley Blue Book website and search for the make and model of your vehicle. This site can give you an estimate on the value of your car, whether it’s running or not, so you know what it’s really worth.

Know the law

Lemon Laws—which dictate how junk vehicles can be bought and sold—vary from state to state. Even though a junkyard can tell you the local law, you should read up on the current restrictions or regulations you may need to follow in order to get fast cash for your junk vehicle.

By following these tips, you’re bound to get the best scrap prices for vehicles you no longer need or want. If you are ready to sell junk cars in Fort Lauderdale, get in touch with Junk Car Dog. We accept cars in all conditions and pay cash on the spot!