Don’t Forget to Do These Things Before Junking Your Car in Florida

Eventually, every car reaches the end of its usable lifespan. When that happens, you might decide to junk your car for cash. It’s often cheaper to junk your car than it would be to continue to repair it, especially if the car wasn’t particularly valuable in the first place.

If you’re thinking about getting rid of your car, finding a trustworthy junk car buyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL should be the first item on your to-do list. After you’ve found the right buyer, just follow these tips to make sure the process goes smoothly:

  • Make sure you’ve got all your personal items: We tend to carry a lot of stuff in our cars, especially when we spend a lot of time on the road. Make sure you go over your car with a fine-tooth comb to retrieve all of your belongings. Check under the seats, in the trunk and in the console and glove box.
  • Consider removing valuable parts for scrap: If you’re trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of your junk car, it’s wise to remove the valuable parts before selling it for scrap. You might be able to sell usable parts for additional cash.
  • Look for the paperwork: Although you don’t need a title to junk your car in Florida, it doesn’t hurt. Consider turning the title over to the junk car buyer. In the rare and unlikely event that the car is stolen from the buyer, you won’t be involved in a theft investigation.
  • Cancel your insurance: Why pay any more insurance than you have to? Once you’ve decided to junk your car, cancel the insurance so you’re not throwing money down the drain.
  • Remove the license plates: License plates often need to be removed, per the DMV’s rules, before you transfer ownership or cancel the title. Be sure to take these off before you turn your car over to a buyer.
  • Compare rates from buyers: Getting the best deal for your car is important, too, so call around to several junk car buyers to compare rates. Ask about their services (for example, picking up and hauling the car) to get the best idea of who is offering the best deal.
  • Ask if you need to strip the car of non-metal parts: Some dealers prefer that you strip the car down to the metal before it’s hauled away. Ask each buyer you call and verify their policies and preferences.
  • Verify license and a certified scale: Finally, verify that each junk car buyer is licensed, and ask to see certification of their scale. Verifying the license ensures you won’t be liable if there are problems later, and scale certification will guarantee your car is weighed (and that you’re paid) properly.

When you need a trustworthy junk car buyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL, look no further than Junk Car Dog. We buy cars in any condition, pay you in cash and haul it away while you wait. Call today to learn more about our rates and policies.