Cash For Cars in West Palm Beach

Selling your used cars for cash in West Palm Beach, FL, is easier than you may think. Our car buying company pays instant cash for old and unwanted vehicles. You’ll see our tow trucks driving around Palm Beach County picking up cars, trucks, SUVs and vans from people who want to sell their vehicles for cash same-day. Give us a call now to get an instant quote.

We Buy Used Cars for Cash in West Palm Beach

Whether your used car is a late-model vehicle or only a few years old, we want to buy it from you. Our junk car removal company buys vehicles in West Palm Beach for more cash than a lot of the local Palm Beach County tow companies. We are able to pay a little more than most companies because of the high volume of used vehicles we buy and sell to junkyards and salvage yards in South Florida.

Sell Your Junk Car Quickly in Palm Beach County

There is one way to sell a vehicle quickly in Palm Beach County. Call a junk car buying company.

Selling your vehicle to a car dealership may take several days due to corporate red tape. Automotive dealers are in the business of selling vehicles, not so much buying them. Most dealerships prefer that you trade your vehicle to get a credit towards another car, truck or SUV on their lot rather than just paying you cash for it. If you still go this route and the monetary offer you receive for your used car seems  low, try calling a local junk car buyer who may offer you a little more money.

Free Junk Car Removal Towing

Car sellers should not pay any company for towing a vehicle when you are selling it to them. We never charge our customers a fee for vehicle removal. Free towing is provided by our drivers when we pick up the vehicle. Our company has never charged a fee for removing a vehicle.