Benefits of Selling Your Car to a Junkyard

When it’s time to sell your old or unused vehicle, you have a couple of options. You can try to sell it to a car dealership, but they’re tough to work with and usually don’t offer you much money for your vehicle. You can also sell it to another person but finding the right buyer paying the right price is tricky. Your third—and likely your best—option is to sell it to a junkyard. Junkyards pay top dollar for any type of vehicle in any condition.

Sell Your Used Car To A Junkyard

Here are some of the the benefits of selling your car to a junkyard, instead of to another person or a dealership:

Junkyards Pay Instant Cash

The worst part about selling your vehicle to another party is the uncertainty of knowing whether or not the check they’ll give you is good. There are countless stories of people selling their car only to find out that the check bounces. This situation is especially scary (and more likely to happen) when you’re dealing with a stranger you connected with through Craigslist or a similar website. You don’t have to worry about that when you bring your car to us! We offer you cash on the spot. There’s no need to take the payment to a bank and hope that a check clears when you come to Junk Car Dog.

Junkyards Buy Vehicles In Any Condition

It doesn’t matter what your car looks like on the outside, or what it’s missing on the inside—we’ll gladly buy it! There’s no need to take your car to a car wash to get it detailed and looking great when you’re about to sell it to Junk Car Dog. Unlike other vehicle buyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we don’t buy based on the look of the vehicle—we buy based on what we think we can do with it after we’ve purchased it from you. Old, new, breaking down or completely totaled, we’ll take your vehicle off your hands.

Junkyards Offer A Fast Transaction

The hardest part of selling your car is finding vehicle buyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL to purchase it! Even if you post an ad in a newspaper or online, you might have to wait months to get a call from someone who might be interested in buying it. And after checking out your car in person, that potential buyer still might say, “Thanks, but no thanks!” and walk away. That’s not the case when you work with a junkyard. Junkyards will take your car off your hands quickly and easily. There’s no inspection process, and hardly any paperwork to fill out. All you have to do is prove that the car is yours and we’ll take it off your hands.

If your car is broken down, or if you just don’t need it anymore, don’t hassle with trying to sell it to anyone else but Junk Car Dog! We offer top dollar for any vehicle in any condition. And even if your car isn’t currently running, we can send a tow truck to pick it up, free of charge.