Tips to Sell My Junk Car in Pompano Beach, FL for the Most Money

If you have a car that no longer runs, you can still get some money for it by selling it to a salvage lot or junk dealer. These sources will take the usable parts of your vehicle and sell them to repair shops or other vehicle owners for cash.

Of course, you can’t expect to get market value when you head to a junk car lot—after all, these businesses rely on buying low so they can still sell low and have reasonable margins. But there are some steps you can take to ensure you maximize the amount of money you get for your vehicle in such a circumstance. Here are some tips for you as you prepare to sell your junk car in Pompano Beach, FL:

  • Make sure you have the vehicle title: If you don’t already own the vehicle you wish to scrap, make sure you obtain the title. Salvage lots are only able to deal with the person who owns the vehicle, so you will need to clearly establish ownership of the vehicle in your name before you can sell it off for scrap.
  • Get an accurate value assessment: Determine the Kelley Blue Book value of the vehicle based on its make, model, year and condition. If the car was involved in an accident, you’ll need to determine the extent of the damage and the parts of the vehicle that were damaged. As you go around and get different quotes from junkyards about the prices they’re willing to pay, you can expect to be asked certain questions about the vehicle, including questions about the damage and what needs to be done to make it roadworthy. Consider also that some junkyards might charge you to pick up the vehicle from your location—you’ll get more money for a vehicle that runs and drives than you would for one that doesn’t.
  • Bring your car to the junkyard: After you’ve gotten a price for your vehicle, you’ll need to get it to the junkyard, whether that means driving it there, having it towed there or having the junkyard employees come and pick it up. You’ll need to bring the title of the vehicle with you so you can prove you are the legal owner of the vehicle before you can sell your junk car in Pompano Beach, FL.
  • Follow all lemon laws: Make sure you follow all lemon laws as set by the state of Florida, and that you do not do anything to tamper with the mileage on the vehicle—that’s punishable by law. There are also certain private seller laws that you will have to take into account any time you transfer your title to a new owner.

For more information about how you can maximize the amount of money you get for your junk vehicle, we encourage you to contact Junk Car Dog or visit our junkyard in Pompano Beach, FL today. We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you have for our team!