Selling Your Old Junk Car? Check Out These Helpful Tips

There will come a time when your vehicle stops working and you need to get a new one. You might be able to sell a non-operational vehicle private party—there are always people looking for fixer uppers or a car to part out—but vehicles that are total junkers are much more difficult to re-home than older vehicles that have only a few minor issues.

In the case of junk vehicles, consider looking into local junk car buyers who buy vehicles in any condition. You may not get as much money selling it as salvage to a junk yard, but at least you can offload it for some fast cash!

Below is a list of tips from junk vehicle buyers in Fort Lauderdale on how to sell your old car to a reputable auto wrecking yard:

  • Gather vehicle info: Just like when selling a functional vehicle, make sure you have as much information in hand as possible to ensure a smooth transaction process. Important information includes the car title, total mileage, the make and model, year, overall condition and signs of interior or exterior damage.
  • Go to a licensed junk car dealer: One of the most important steps when selling your junk car is to find an auto wrecker in your area that is licensed and insured. A licensed business will be fair, respectful and tow your junker for free. Do some online research to weed out the highly recommended dealers from the shady ones.
  • Get a quote: Just because your vehicle no longer runs doesn’t mean you can’t get some cash for it. Most salvage yards will buy junk cars as-is, whether they’re running or not, because there is still value in the vehicle’s parts. The value of your car depends on the model and condition—the weight and completeness of a true junk vehicle also tend to be factors. Have a written quote in hand and ask about any hidden fees before accepting a junk yard’s offer.
  • Complete all sale paperwork: Be sure to check on your local laws and restrictions when selling junk vehicles. You may or may not need certain legal paperwork to scrap your car as a whole.
  • Schedule a pickup time and get paid: Most junk car buyers offer free same-day towing. If the same day doesn’t work for you, schedule a time that does, but don’t wait too long! When it comes to payment, a reputable dealer will always pay you the quoted or negotiated price. A dishonest dealer will try to renegotiate a lower price at the time of pickup.
  • Contact your insurance company and the DMV: Whether you sell, trade or donate a vehicle in any condition, you must notify the DMV. Contact your state’s DMV to find out how long you have to notify them of changes. In most cases, you need to notify your insurance company as well.

For more information about selling your junker, call Junk Car Dog. We are one of the top junk vehicle buyers in Fort Lauderdale, and we’re ready to pay and haul today!