Top Tips on Junking or Salvaging Your Vehicle

That car or truck in your driveway might not be worth repairing, but that doesn’t mean it has no value. Junking your car means selling off the parts, and you’d be surprised at how much cash you might get in return. While you won’t be able to trade it in at the dealer, you can still collect some money to put toward a new car or other expenses.

If you’re planning on junking or salvaging a car, truck or motorcycle, you could go ahead and take it apart yourself and sell each piece individually. However, this is really only an option for those with an advanced understanding of automobile mechanics and knowledge of the price of auto parts. The far simpler option is to contact a professional auto wrecker in Oakland Park, FL to handle the process for you. Here’s what goes into salvaging a vehicle to make a profit:

  • Take out your stuff: It’s amazing how many people simply forget their important personal belongings in the vehicle. Make sure to do a full sweep before you make a deal with an auto wrecker.
  • Use up the gas: If the vehicle is still running, why not use up that full tank of gas? If you don’t, that’s just leaving money on the table.
  • Contact junkyards: Each junkyard will have a different set of requirements for the vehicles they accept. They’ll also offer different prices, so you might want to shop around for the best offer. Auto wreckers may also request to see various documentation for the vehicle before they get started.
  • Collect information: Which parts of the car are damaged, and how badly are they damaged? Can the car run, or is it completely dead? What’s the price listed for the vehicle in the Kelley Blue Book? You’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary information about your vehicle’s history.
  • Check state regulations: Each state has different regulations that will determine exactly what happens with the vehicle’s title, registration and license plates. You’ll want to check on your state’s rules to make sure you’re in compliance.
  • Complete the necessary paperwork: Once you’ve investigated state regulations, you’ll want to make sure that you complete all the paperwork the state requires. As mentioned above, each state has different requirements.

It should be noted that working with a professional auto wrecker in Oakland Park, FL will make things considerably easier for you. They’ll know all the relevant state regulations and, if you’re working with a trustworthy company, will offer a fair price for the vehicle’s scrapped parts.

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