Tired of Staring at That Old Car on Your Lawn? Turn It Into Fast Cash


If you’re like many Floridians, you look out the window of your home to find yourself staring at an old, rusted-out car, SUV or truck. Just like everyone else, you’ve said you’d eventually get rid of it, but at this point, it’s a burden that you would rather ignore than handle.

Why not let us handle it for you instead? Find out why working with Junk Car Dog for reliable junk vehicle removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL guarantees fast cash in hand for you.

Why it’s time to get rid of that old car

There’s a million reasons why people may have a car, truck or SUV parked on their property. From incomplete restoration projects to devastating traffic accidents, people hold on to these vehicles longer than necessary because they worry about the cost of dealing with the problem. However, with a company that specializes in reliable junk vehicle removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you benefit in so many ways from just getting rid of the aging car:

  • Increase property value: A broken-down, unused vehicle taking up space in your yard creates an eyesore that diminishes your property’s curb appeal. An old car wasting away on the lawn lowers your property value, and it also drives down prices for other homes in your neighborhood.
  • Get rid of unwanted visitors: Your rundown, decrepit truck wasting away on your property attracts a variety of unwelcome guests, from vermin to vagrants. Animals such as raccoons, feral cats and stray dogs take shelter in abandoned vehicles, while vandals and thieves see them as ripe opportunities for further damage or trouble.
  • Eliminate frustration: Every time you look at that rusting heap of parts, you see the restoration project you never finished. You see the mess you’ve meant to clean up, but haven’t had the time. That old car, truck or SUV frustrates you, your partner and your neighbors. Instead of letting this sore spot fester, call a reliable salvage business to tow it after paying you cash for it.
  • Remove unnecessary danger: Peeling paint, leaking fluids and sharp, rusting edges create accidents waiting to happen. These hazards may injure you, your family, your pets or your neighbors. Furthermore, toxic, flammable fluids pose a real threat to the safety of your property.
  • Make some fast cash: Regardless of your vehicle’s current condition, you can sell it now. Don’t worry about the hassle of towing it anywhere or cleaning it up. Junk Car Dog pays cash for cars with electrical or mechanical problems, physical damage or flood/water damage. Old or new cars, trucks or SUVs, and even totaled automobiles, quickly become money in your hands when you call our trusted salvage company.

If you’re curious about getting cash for the old beater sitting in your card, get in touch with Junk Car Dog for reliable junk vehicle removal in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Within 24 hours, we provide you with a tow-away plan and a fair price for your car, truck or SUV. No matter the condition, we’ll give you cash and get the vehicle off of your property. Contact us now to say “goodbye” to the eyesore rusting away in your yard.