Tips for Maintaining Your Car to Hold Its Value

For many people who own vehicles, the value of the vehicle itself doesn’t really become important to them until they’ve decided to sell the vehicle. While cars will depreciate in value as soon as they’re driven off the lot, you can at least take some steps to maintain the value of the car over the course of time, and a big part of doing that is keeping up with your vehicle maintenance.

Below are just a few steps you can take to maintain your vehicle’s value. If you’re interested in eventually getting the most cash for a junk car in Fort Lauderdale, these pointers can help:

  • Store the vehicle in the garage: This is the simplest and best thing you can do to keep your vehicle in good condition. By storing it in the garage, you’ll ensure the vehicle is constantly protected from the elements, including hail, rain, heat, cold, sunshine and wind. You’ll also protect it from branches, debris and bird droppings. If you have a garage or carport, make sure to use it, as this could save you a significant amount of money in vehicle repairs.
  • Stay on top of tune-ups: You should make it a point to take your vehicle in for regular tune-ups so you stay on top of all your maintenance needs. Mechanical problems in vehicles tend to start small but can quickly progress into something much larger. Tune-ups allow you to locate these potential problems and vulnerabilities early so they don’t turn into something that will cost you thousands of dollars to repair.
  • Stay on top of oil changes: In addition to tune-ups, you should make sure you get your vehicle’s oil changed at the recommended intervals. Most vehicles today will accept a synthetic oil that allows you to go longer than in past years between oil changes, often between 5,000 and 7,000 miles. Your car may also have an oil life indicator feature that alerts you when oil life dips below a certain percentage.
  • Adjust your driving habits: The way you drive your vehicle can affect its condition over the long term. You should avoid behaviors such as rapid acceleration, sudden stops, burnouts, hard turns and excessive speeding. All of these behaviors will accelerate your vehicle’s wear and tear, and could cause some permanent damage to particular parts and systems of the vehicle.
  • Investigate strange noises: If you notice any strange noises coming from your vehicle, you should get them checked out as soon as possible. Usually these noises are a sign that something is wrong somewhere in your vehicle, so you should trust your senses and take the vehicle to a professional whenever you hear strange sounds coming from the engine. Note that a healthy vehicle will not be completely silent—there will always be at least a soft humming noise coming from the engine. But strange knocks, bangs or other noises that occur intermittently are usually a sign of trouble.

For more information about the steps you can take to keep your vehicle in good condition and to maintain its value so you can get the most cash for a junk car in Fort Lauderdale, contact Junk Car Dog today.