Need Money? Here Are Your Options for Selling Your Junk Ride

COVID-19 is causing tough times for all of us. Since cash is likely in short supply in your bank account right now, it may be a good idea to finally part with that dead or barely-running junk car in your garage or driveway. Getting cash for your old vehicle in Fort Lauderdale, FL is easy, but it will take an effort to secure the most cash possible. Here are five options for selling junk cars:

  • Online marketplaces: People surf Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace for junk cars all the time. Sometimes they seek something to rebuild, or they need parts and your car may be the prime candidate for their project. However, people are more likely to lowball you for the price, and you will have to handle all the title paperwork. Proceed with caution and do not accept any payment other than cash. Otherwise, you risk falling victim to scams.
  • Junkyards: Cars are the ultimate recyclable product, which is why junkyards thrive even today. Unfortunately, you are responsible for getting your car to the yard, and that expense can exceed the amount they offer to pay for the car. Also, many junkyards may quote you a price on the phone only to refuse to buy your car when it shows up. This is another area for caution. Only use this resource if your car still runs (so you do not have to pay twice for a tow truck), and do not accept any dollar amount without researching your car’s value first.
  • Trade-in: Even with severe mechanical difficulties, your vehicle may still have trade-in value towards your next one. This can be a good option if your car remains drivable and you have done your Kelley Blue Book research. It is also a good strategy if you care less about price and more about replacing your vehicle with a new one. You will need to be careful with bait-and-switch tactics and prepare for the dealership to attempt to force the lowest trade-in value possible.
  • Parting out: If you have car mechanic experience, reducing your car down to its workable parts and selling them could be an option. You can make decent money, but this strategy is difficult for the average vehicle owner and can take more time than it is worth.
  • Cash car buyers: Like junkyards, cash car buyers will pay cash for your car. However, they are different from junkyards in that they may sell some cars to part out but also consider sending vehicles to auctions and other venues where they can make a quick profit. Cash car buyers often offer to tow your vehicle for free and, after agreeing to a price, will pay you in cash once they arrive to pick up the car.

Junk Car Dog makes getting cash for your old vehicle easy. Doing business in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the surrounding area, we offer free towing of your old vehicle and give you cash on the spot. Call us today if you wish to sell your car.