How To Turn Your Junk Vehicle Into Cash

Everyone requires some extra cash once in a while, and your old car could get some money in your pocket. Sometimes you need a break or want to treat yourself to something nice and want to make it happen, so you decide to use your vehicle to fund it. It could be for a dire situation that requires you to have money on hand. Regardless of the reason, you have some options. 

Selling It Versus Getting a Title Loan

When you need cash for emergencies and you don’t have enough money in your bank account, consider selling it to a junk car buyer, or you can do a title loan. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to sell your car to a junk car buyer, you’ll get cash on the spot; however, you will no longer own your vehicle. It will be transported to a junkyard and salvaged.

Those who don’t want to get rid of their car but still need cash can opt for a title loan. The one downside to a title loan is that you’ll have to pay it back with interest. You also risk losing the vehicle if you default on payments.

Same-Day Money For Junk Cars

Most junk car buyers will pay you cash the same day you sell the vehicle unless you’re using a company like Wheelzy or Peddle, who pay by check, which takes several days to get your money to you. If you’re in dire need of cash, call our company instead. Junk Car Dog makes the entire car selling process quick and easy. We will give you a fair offer for your car, truck or SUV and pick it up the same day, so you get paid on the spot. There is no waiting or delays when you call us.

  • Locate the title: If you don’t have the car’s title, you can’t sell it. If you’re hoping to receive cash for cars in Hollywood, FL, you’ll need to first find the title, and ensure that it’s in your name. Any additional documentation you can produce, including the car’s registration, may increase its value.
  • List damage: Next, you should record the car’s mileage, to the best of your knowledge, and enumerate the different types of damage that the vehicle is facing. Listing the damage may save the buyer a bit of time and elevate the car’s value.
  • Gather your belongings: Be sure to remove all of your belongings from the vehicle prior to selling it. It’s often easy to overlook all of the little things that may accumulate in your vehicle without your noticing. Check for spare keys, important documents, personal possessions and more.
  • Sign the papers: Once you’ve identified a buyer you’re comfortable working with, you need to be sure that you sign the title over to their name accurately. Once you’ve been paid, sign over the car’s ownership using the official name of the person or entity purchasing your vehicle. Consult with the buyer before finalizing any relevant paperwork.

Get Instant Cash For Your Car

Junk Car Dog will give you an instant cash offer for your car if you decide not to get a title loan from a lender. Just have your title ready and a copy of your driver’s license, and we’ll take care of the salvage paperwork. If your vehicle is older than ten years, we can buy the junk vehicle without a title. As long as we have proper identification from you to prove you’re the owner, we’ll buy a titleless car.