How to Get the Most Money for Your Old Car

Getting rid of your old car is often one of the most painful parts of buying a new car, which is why people often breeze over this step and opt for doing what’s easy as opposed to what’s profitable. But we all know that instant gratification typically leads to regret. So before you decide what to do with that old car sitting in your driveway, here’s a few tips for you from expert auto wreckers in Fort Lauderdale.

Don’t trade it in to a dealer

If your car is old and you need a new one, what could be easier than simply trading in your old car to get money off the new one? Nothing, really—but you could get more money for your car pretty much any other way. Selling the care yourself requires a little more effort on your part, but effort that could make you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Flip it

You’ll be surprised what a little fresh paint and some cleaning and polishing will do for an old car. In fact, people make a living off of buying old cars on the cheap, fixing them up (and we’re not talking about a complete overhaul here) and selling them for a profit. There’s really no reason you can’t do the same. If the car still runs, but just needs some TLC, a little elbow grease and some basic skills can help you to sell your car faster and for more money.

Scrap it

If your car no longer runs, don’t give in to the dealer yet. When you hear these advertisements from dealerships offering to take your vehicle no matter what, even if you have to drag it in, guess what they’re going to do with it? They’re going to sell it off to auto wreckers in Fort Lauderdale. You can do that yourself and probably still get more money than the dealership would give you. At Junk Car Dog, we offer cash on the spot for your junk vehicle and we pick it up. Nothing could be easier!

Sell the parts

This last option requires the most skill and the most time, so it’s not for everyone. But if your car is no longer running and you have a little car knowhow and don’t mind getting under the hood, you can sell the individual parts for more money than you would get for the whole car. After you’ve sold the parts, you may still be able to get cash for what’s left of the car by sending it off to auto wreckers in Fort Lauderdale.

Just a little extra time and effort on your part could end up saving you a lot of money—money that you can either pocket or put towards the purchase of a new vehicle—but the choice is yours. If you do opt to junk your vehicle, be sure to call Junk Car Dog. We promise the process is fast and simple, and you’ll get more from us than those dealership guys. To learn more, call us today!