How to Get Cash for Cars in Coral Springs, FL

If you are looking to junk a car in Florida, it is important that you understand all the legal processes you need to go through. For example, if you are to get cash for cars in Coral Springs, FL, either you or your insurance company must apply for a salvage title, a certificate of destruction and, in some cases, a rebuilt vehicle title with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

If you have been in an accident and think you could potentially rebuild your totaled vehicle, you will still want to apply for a salvage title. However, if you are just selling your car for parts, it is the certificate of destruction you will need.

The state of Florida considers a vehicle to be a “total loss” if it is worth $1,500 or more and the insurance company pays you to replace it with a vehicle of similar quality and type. It might also be considered totaled if your insurance company agrees to help pay for repairs, but the repairs actually cost more than the vehicle’s value, or if you do not have insurance and the cost of repairing or rebuilding would be 80 percent or more of the car’s replacement value.

Applying for a salvage title or certificate of destruction

The application process for selling your junked vehicle depends on who is actually applying for the certificate. If, for example, your car was declared as salvage in an insurance settlement, the insurance company is responsible for applying for the title.

However, if an insurance company was not involved in the process, you can apply for a Florida salvage title or certificate of destruction by yourself, beginning by completing a physical inspection and VIN verification of the vehicle. You can have this performed by a licensed auto dealer, police officer, public notary, tax collector or DHSMV agent.

You do not need a VIN verification if your vehicle is new, a mobile home or trailer, a fifth-wheel recreational vehicle or a semi weighing less than 2,000 pounds. A VIN verification is also unnecessary if you can provide the current Certificate of Title or you can provide a completed VIN and Odometer Verification form.

The next step is to go to your local tax collector’s office and provide the following items:

  • A completed Application for Salvage Title/Certificate of Destruction form, which requires:
    • An odometer reading if the vehicle is less than 10 years old
    • Verification and a signature from the person you had complete the VIN verification process (if applicable) and a physical inspection of the vehicle
    • An estimate of what it would cost to totally replace the vehicle
  • Proof of lien satisfaction, if applicable to your case
  • One document that proves you own the vehicle in question
  • Payment for the title and registration fees that apply to your case

For more information about the processes you need to go through to get cash for cars in Coral Springs, FL, contact us today at Junk Car Dog.