How to Avoid Common Vehicle Buyer Scams

How long has that broken-down car been sitting in your driveway? Eventually, old vehicles that aren’t running become more of a nuisance and an eyesore than they are actually worth. Some owners let the car sit there for years because they are wary of the bad reputation of auto junkyards. People write them off because they are often considered to be shady or only interested in scamming the customer. You can protect yourself against being ripped off by a junk car buyer by knowing exactly what to do before taking your car to an auto wrecker in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Playing it smart as a seller will ensure you get the most for the car.

Here are some tips for avoiding common vehicle buyer scams when selling your car to an auto junkyard.

Broken promises

Some auto junkyards will promise a certain price to get you in the door before saying the car is worth less because of its condition or some other flaw when they show up to tow the vehicle away. It’s important that you’re completely honest about any issues or damage to the vehicle to get the most money possible. Don’t cave to this low technique. Instead, refuse to sign over the title of the car until you actually have a check for the correct amount in your hands. Don’t settle for a modified offer unless you understand and agree with the reasoning behind the change. Don’t make the deal if you’re not comfortable with the purchase.

Subtracting towing costs

The best junk car buyers will offer to tow the car to the junkyard for free. Others will take advantage of this common courtesy by subtracting the cost of towing from the payout price. Towing the car is expected because most of the cars being sold to an auto wrecker in Fort Lauderdale, FL won’t run anyway. Don’t find yourself stuck paying for them to take your car away!

Low quotes

Even the most rusty, broken-down and trashed car is still worth some money. Many less reputable junk car buyers will claim it isn’t worth anything and that they are actually helping you by agreeing to take it off of your hands. Usually, this is just a ploy to get the car for free. All cars are worth at least some money. Find a different junkyard if they’re valuing your car at zero.

Misleading tactics

A good scam artist will do or say anything to profit off of a deal. One of the most common tactics is to confuse the customer until the exchange swings in their favor, such as being intentionally misleading about their policies, offering vague explanations of the price or refusing to speak in clear terms. Don’t agree to anything unless you understand the details of the deal. Never let the junkyard pressure you into making a bad decision.

Selling your car doesn’t have to be a challenge as long as you trust a reliable auto wrecker in Fort Lauderdale, FL like Junk Car Dog. As a trusted local business, we’ll offer you cash on the spot for your car before picking up the vehicle for free. Call us today to learn more!