Four Easy Steps to Turn Your Junk Car Into Cash!

Turning your old car into cash is a lot easier than it may at first seem. Selling to a junk car buyer like Junk Car Dog is simple, quick and a guaranteed way to make money in no time. It’s as easy as calling Junk Car Dog to schedule a time to have the vehicle pick up. We leave with your car, and you’re left with up to $350!

Following a few simple steps can ensure everything goes right and the process is as smooth as possible. Take the time to do these four things before it’s time to sell junk cars in Pompano Beach, FL.

Remove all your belongings

The first step is to remove all of your personal belongings from the car. The vehicle needs to be completely empty for the crew to have the best access to all the parts. This means taking out any old CDs stuffed in the glovebox, removing personal paperwork, cleaning out the trunk and checking the seat cushions for any loose change. Who knows what you might find that you thought was lost forever!

Have the title ready

Junk Car Dog can’t buy the car if it isn’t legally owned by you. We will need the title to ensure the ownership of the vehicle is legally transferred to us. Have the title ready to hand over and prepare to bring your ID to prove you’re the legal owner. Not having these items could lead to legal trouble for you as the buyer.

Make sure the car is in one piece

You’ll get the most money if the car is still in one piece. Buyers want a car that is in one piece because it’s easier for them to haul away. Cars that have already been partially dismantled usually aren’t worth the effort to move.

Remove the license plate and cancel the insurance

Florida requires all car owners to return their license plates to the state within 30 days of the car being sold. You could be hit with a big fine if you mistakenly leave the plates on a salvage car. Forgetting the license plate could leave you vulnerable, as others might use the plates in a crime. Don’t forget to cancel the insurance, too, as you don’t want to pay for protection when the car has already been stripped down. Make sure to let your insurance company know the vehicle has been sold when you call to cancel the insurance policy.

Let Junk Car Dog handle the rest

Junk Car Dog is here to help, whether your old car has stopped running, the repairs are more than the vehicle is worth or you’re just tired of seeing it rusting in the driveway. Call us to sell your junk car in Pompano Beach, FL and we’ll pay you in cash. The whole process is simple, efficient and can all be done in just one day. Contact us today to schedule your pickup time—we look forward to taking your old car off your hands!